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People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. This includes building permits, consents and other property information, along with all sorts of heritage information about our city.

Panorama of Oriental Parade and Oriental Bay

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ak. Substandard dwellingsd. Thorndon Quaya. AbattoirsPortrait of William Seed, Councillorb. Looking north. Motor vehicles, tramcars, shopsCivic Centre ReconstructionEvans Bay Roade. Storm damage, Ridgeway subdivisiont. Karori Reservoir, Bypass Overflowa. Nos 196, 198, 200 Sutherland RoadNissan MobilCivic Centre Reconstructionb. Abattoirsh. Storm damage, Ridgeway subdivisionby. Shandon Golf Clubd. Town Planning Appeal Board. School patrols. Wellington Club, The Terraceb. Interior of Airport Terminal, reservation and check in countersd. Machinery, Maranui Depot, Streetworks Departmentf. Waterloo Quay, drainage jobSummer City - Park Festivalb. Maldive Sta. Footpath, no. 5 Ngaio Gorge Road, Kaiwharawharab. Garage No 17 Ludlam StAnsoldo Bus InteriorCivic Centre - ReconstructionCivic Centre - ReconstructionBorovansky Ballet Companyb. Elevated view of the Ngauranga Gorge and Hutt Road intersection55 Waikowhai Street, stormwater relayCivic Centre ReconstructionMobil Street Racea. Hanson Street Flats, Stage 3a. Singer Car No. 273-196bt. Council Chambers Presentation by Miss Joanna Porrittg. Seatoun Tunnelb. Serigraphic Studios Ltd, No 2 King St. storage of thinners etc and position of proposed dangerous goods storei. CopiesOld Library and Technical collegeb. Road resurfacing, corner of Lambton Quay and Featherston Streetk. Job 3104, Warwick St

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