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People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. This includes building permits, consents and other property information, along with all sorts of heritage information about our city.

Oriental Bay Beach

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u. Workmen are working on the tramtracks inside the Karori Tunnel, outside entrance to tunnel. Machinery, motor vehicles, road worksaeb. Workmen using crane truck to manoeuvre building materials into pumping station, interior of pumping stationWadestown Harbour from Barnard StreetgMoore, Lt General Sir Rodney-Chief of Staff, Armed Forces, MalaysiabclbCivic Centre ReconstructioncPhotograph of the new alsphaltic concrete surface. A rural area with little residential development, Main Hutt Road, December 1925-June 1926hldeKarori Library, Spinning DemonstrationaksbWar Memorialdsdabw. WCC staff social Golf Tournament, Shandon Club

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