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People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. This includes building permits, consents and other property information, along with all sorts of heritage information about our city.

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Civic Centre Reconstructiond. Presentation of showcase and key to Seatoun School by Cr Campbell on behalf of City CorpParks and Recreation - Pools, Cemeteriesb. Foreshore/Coastline, Palmer Headak. Lunch at Majestic Cabaret - Safety Weekl. No 35 Bedford St, House damaged by stormPortrait of Francis and John Kilmistere. Regent Park, Flat no 21. Hanson Street Block 1, Flat no 26. Hanson Street Block 2, Flat no 36r. Shandon Golf Clubb. Oriental Terracei. Hanson Street Flats development (and Mercer Street)a. Kinney Strainer - WainuiMobile substationc. Filter House, Wainuiomatad. Footpath, Johnsonville Road, Johnsonvillec. Oriental Parade. Evans Bay Roada. No 22 Vivian Sta. Water Board Pumping Station, Karori Reservoir Power HousePreviously identified as Wellington Terrace, looking south towards intersection with Boulcott Street. Area of two storey wooden dwellings. Photograph of new asphaltic concrete surface, The Terrace, 1926Wellington Festival PosterWellington Heads, showing fishermen's hutsc. Road surface, Tyne Streetd. Oban Street, garagei. House Frontages, Tinakori Rd-Park Stx. Substandard dwellings-see log bookg. Traffic officer in luminous coatb. Drainage Tulley Sta. No 14 Kelburn Paradea. Traffic Tasman Std. Reception, PM of Australia, Mr GortonThorndon from Tinakori Hillsbx. Central Library, interior and exteriorCivic Centre Reconstructionaw. Safety Week, Traffic DeptBasin ReserveCivic Centre Reconstructionb. No 22 Brooklyn Road, sewer overflow in and around houseRoad works, Wakefield Street

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